Selasa, 09 Desember 2008



SMA Negeri 1 Tangerang is one of the goverment school in Tangerang located at Daan Mogot street no. 50, Tangerang city, Banten province, Indonesia. It was founded in1959. The school exists to provide students in Tanggerang community and surrounding area the best education. It is a favourite school so many parents are very enthusiastic to put their children to study here. In this school we have an international class program which requires teachers to use English language to teach their students..Teachers and students interact actively one another to use English. We adopt an international curriculum standard and adapt it based on our need and purpose then we apply it in our classroom teaching and learning process..


To support an international program, we have prepared our teachers and staffs to learn English intensively and most of the time is to practice then they make lesson plan (teaching preparation paper) in English and the last one is to facilitate them to master very well about the knowledge of information and technology like internet so they work independently and collaboratively toward their shared purpose of providing and obtaining the best education.

The location of our school is very strategic because it is in front the police station so it is no wonder, highly secured and it is only fifteen minute from International Soekarno-Hatta airport..

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